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SHEET  METAL  CAPABILITIES   include  cold  roll  form  shapes  up  to  0.125" steel  with  light  and  heavy  stampings  up  to  125-ton  capacity.  Century  Components skillfully  handles  sheering  12-gauge  to  1/4"  with  punching  210-ton  capacity  and  deep  drawing  to  5-foot 10-inch  stroke.  We  have  the  latest  in  equipment  and  automation  to  produce  quality  sheet  metal  products  in  steel,  aluminum,  or  other  metals.  In  addition,  our  organization  maintains  a  complete  prototype,  toolroom  and  production  facility.  We  fabricate  such  items  as  brackets,  frames,  boxes  and  panel assemblies,  etc., to meet your needs.
METAL  STAMPINGS  are  made  with  pinpoint  accuracy  in  all  metals  through  a  variety  of  methods  on  Hyoravuc,  OBI,  and  high  speed  presses  from  15 to 150-ton  capacity.  Century  Components offers  an  in-house  tool  and  die shop  to  meet  precise  specifications  from  customer  drawings.   Sophisticated  progressive  and  compound  dies  are made  for  production  quantities,  while  short  runs  are  fabricated  from  temporary  tooling  or  made  in  multiple  operations  with  stock  dies.

Machine  Shop  Equipment

(3) Bridgeport Mills
(1) Bridgeport 2 Head Profiler Machine
(1) 15" Clausing Drill Press
(1) Moiseike Engine Lathe 22 X 84
(1) Clausing Engine Lathe 15 X 48
(2) 10 HP Compressor
(1) Barker #2 Production Mill
(1) GRDUB Band Saw With Blade Welder
(1) PowerMatic Model 3 Production Sander
(1) Double Ended Tool Grinder
(1) Clausing Lathe 6 X 30
(1) #2 Warner Swazy Turret Lathe
(1) #3 Warner Swazy Turret Lathe
(1) #5 Milwaukee Horizontal Mill
(1) CMC Mill & VMC Mill
(1) 50 Ton Dake Press
(2) 5 Ton Punch Press
(2) 5000 LB Fork Lifts
(2) Johnson Horizontal Saws 60"
(3) Spot Welders 40 KBA - 100 KBA
    300 AMP Heliarc
    450 AMP Mig Wire Machine
    200 AMP Mig wire Welding
(1) Buffalo Radial Drill
(4) Spindle Drill Press
    Misc. Drilling & Tapping Equipment
(1) Sunnin Hone
(1) Vibro De-Burr Machine
(1) Amada 1/4 X 10 ft
(1) Brake Press
(1) N/C Punch - Numerical Punch
(1) Rolls Machine & Rubber Punch
(1) Radius Notcher
(1) Roper Whitney Punch
(1) Amada Automatic Program Feed
(1) Kalamazoo Angle Shearer
(1) Roll-In Band Saw